Everything you need to know about Omegle


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What is Omegle?

Omegle is a chat and video chat site that connects strangers with each other. These type of sites are commonly referred to as "chat roulette"



The main risks are:

  • Most chats and video chats are of a sexual nature
  • Your child WILL encounter nudity  
  • The site is a known "playground" for sexual predators
  • There have been many reports of webcams being hacked through this site

Safety Settings

There are no safety settings with Omegle and webcams are vulnerable to being hacked.



Omegle can be accessed on virtually any device through the web browser.


Age Restrictions

Omegle is rated strictly 18+ / Adults only but there is no age verification process, so anyone of any age can in theory use it. Beware: sexual predators will pretend to be teenagers to connect with children/teens.


Our Opinion & Recommendations

we strongly advise parents to keep children away from Omegle or any other similar "chat roulette" site or app, for all the reasons listed in this app guide.