Win a free cruise! ....or how to make someone else a millionaire....

Like, click and share to find out how to make a million dollars on Facebook!

Firstly, let me say that this is NOT OUR ADVICE. It's a tongue-in-cheek post that describes how people clicking like, sharing posts and pages etc, are usually just making lots of money for scam artists, hackers and criminals. If you've ever been tempted to click, read this!

1. Build your farm. 

Create your page on Facebook. Add some photographs and images, ideally of you in a normal or family setting - images of religious ceremonies are also very important. Alternatively, you can create a fan page. To create a fake page, just put a full-stop  after the name of the page - 'Disney Cruises' will become 'Disney Cruises.' for example.

2. Choose your seed carefully - it will create the crops that you will make you money later on!

The seed is the photo you're going to share with the world. The type of seed will depend on the audience (the crop/herd) that is most valuable to you and your buyer. If you've chosen to follow my example above, then a picture of a cruise ship is a good idea. 

A photo of a disabled person, someone who is ill, or a religious image works best. Don't worry if you don't actually know the person in your picture - the Facebook crowd won't know that!

Another popular option is to post a puzzle or optical illusion that changes once the viewer clicks like, shares image etc. Yes, we know it won't work - but they'll try anyway!

3. Plant your seed and add fertiliser.

You've chosen your seed (image), now you need to add the fertiliser (the message). This could be something along the lines of "my best friend was in an accident, Facebook will pay for her treatment if her picture gets 100,000 likes" or "my grandfather has just passed away, let's get him 500,000 amen's to send him to heaven". Again, if you've followed the cruise ship example above, how about "to win a cruise....". 

For a final boost, make sure you instruct everyone to like, comment and share the page!

Click like and share to make me lots and lots of money!

Click like and share to make me lots and lots of money!

4. Make it rain. 

Post your photo on Facebook. Make sure you set it to public sharing - and away you go. Be prepared to ignore the negative comments from people that know all about 'like farming' - there will be some. Also, you might well get reported to Facebook for it. It's a risk worth taking though. Sit back and watch the likes come in! 

5. Now the money making bit. You've got some choices here:

A) You can harvest the crop and take it to the market - Someone will buy those likes from you. 

B) You can slowly start adding advertising to your page - Make sure it's relevant to your audience. If you grew your likes through an image of Jesus, a paid prayer app would be popular. 

C) Add malware or ransomware links - If people are willing to like and share your image/page, they'll probably click on your links too. So, you can add malicious software that either steals their credit card details or locks down their devices until a ransom is paid.

A warning. Option A is against Facebook terms and conditions, and if you get caught you'll get thrown off the platform. Option B is completely legal. Option C is illegal and you will go to jail if you get caught. 

So, there you have it folks. Make some money, or at the very least, help make other people money! To find out what pages you've liked (and to unlike them) follow these simple instructions. 

On your mobile - from your newsfeed, click more in the bottom right corner. Then click on Pages. Scroll down past the "pages you may like" section, until you find Liked Pages. Click See All, and then each page will have a drop-down menu to the right. Just click unlike. Easy.

On your desktop - On the left hand side of the page, click on Like Pages. Then at the top of the page, you'll see Suggestions, Invitations and Liked Pages tabs. You will then see an option to review the pages you've liked, so you can easily unlike them!