Spam Alert - Fake Dunnes Stores Competition on Facebook

Fake Dunnes Stores profile looking for likes, shares etc. 

A new scam site has just been created on Facebook. This time it's aimed squarely at Irish Facebook users. The site is called Dunnes - Stores and was created about four hours ago. Find out more by reading this quick spam alert.

Here's the fake page and the real page next to each other. You can always tell the real one - it has a blue tick to show it's the official page of a company, person or organisation. 

What do they want?

As usual, they're looking for likes, shares and comments, tempting you with an offer to win some vouchers/a shopping spree etc.

What will actually happen?

At best, you'll get spammed after liking the page. At worst, you'll get a link sent to you saying you've won a voucher. DO NOT CLICK on the link - it will likely be ransomware and/or malware and you may lose control of your laptop or mobile device! 

What should I do?

  • Remove the link from your page by clicking the like button again and delete your comments.
  • Report the page to Facebook as fraudulent.
  • Again, DON'T click on any links from the page! 

If you see another link like this, you can share it with us. we'll have a quick check and publish an alert if it is fake. 

Stephen DaviesComment