Apple Users - Essential Privacy Update Available Now!

Apple issues Global Security Update - Download Recommended!

Following failed attempts to gain control of a well known Arab activist's iPhone, Apple have issued an update to iOS that EVERYONE should download and install as soon as possible. 

Security company Lookout and internet watchdog Citizen Labs report that the culprit is likely to be an Israeli company called the NSO Group, who help Governments and Law Enforcement Agencies combat terror and crime. Lookout have described the attempted breach as "the most sophisticated spyware package we have ever seen in the market".

What is the big issue? 

This bit of spyware is actually one of the most sought after goals of the hacking industry, allowing full access to a mobile device with a single click. If it is installed and used correctly, then calls, messages, data, apps etc are compromised immediately. 

Do I need to install this  - I've got nothing to hide! 

As a law-abiding citizen, you may have nothing to hide from legitimate governmental investigations, but security holes in operating systems are quickly exploited by criminals to install ransomware and malware onto devices. 

Our advice: Download and Install Immediately.

As always, if there is an update to your mobile operating system that fixes security and privacy flaws, you should download and install immediately. 

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