95% of Android Devices at risk of hacking!

What is the problem with Android?

Cyber security experts Skycure have discovered a hugely significant flaw in Android that leaves EVERY device running the older versions of the operating system open to being hacked and controlled remotely. 

Older devices and systems are at risk.

How does the hack work?

The hackers can take advantage of two features of Android, namely Accessibility Services and the ability to draw over other apps. By combining the two, hackers can use malware to gain control of the phone and monitor all activity that takes place on the device. There is also the possibility of becoming a victim to ransomware attacks, where users will lose complete control of their device and have to pay a ransom to regain control!

Is my Android device at risk?

If you are running a version of Android that is Lollipop or older, then the simple answer is yes. Marshmallow has a fix that makes the hack far more unlikely to occur. 

What can I do to protect myself?

We recommend that you always upgrade your device to the latest version of operating system, whether you're using Android, IoS or another system. Most updates contain fixes to bugs and security flaws, so the only way to stay completely secure is to make sure you're up-to-date at all times.