Instagram is testing a new feature that lets users tag their friends in videos

Instagram is testing a tool that lets users tag their friends in videos.

A small group of users is currently taking part in a trial to test out the feature, an Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Currently, Instagram only lets users tag others in photos, not videos.

However, unlike photos, which allow users to tap on the photo to see who's tagged, the video tagging tool will display a list of users who are tagged in the clip.

A list of who's tagged in the video will appear in a page titled 'People in this Video.'

It's unclear if the feature will ever make it on to the app officially.

'We're always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love,' a company spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Additionally, if a user is tagged in a video, it won't appear in their tagged section.

That differs from tagged photos, which always appear in a user's tagged section on their profile.

Instagram first rolled out photo tagging in 2013 and hasn't updated the feature much since then.

The move comes as Instagram launched a new emoji comments feature this week.

Now, rather than having to search through your emoji keyboard for the right one, Instagram will serve up a list for you, the firm announced.

The app shows a handy bar at the bottom of the screen that includes your most-used emojis.

The feature has been in public testing since May, according to the Verge.

However, it just became available to all Android and iOS users starting on Thursday.

The emoji toolbar only shows up when a user is commenting on another person's photo.

It won't appear in other parts of the app, such as when users caption a photo, respond to an Instagram Stories post, or direct message another user.

Many users are likely to find the feature helpful, given that it's become common to leave a comment with just emojis.

Instagram cautioned that the feature isn't meant to encourage 'emoji spam,' or the act of attempting to grow your follower account by commenting on as many photos as possible.

Additionally, Instagram has been weighing the idea of launching a separate app focused around shopping.

The app, which could be called 'IG Shopping,' would serve as an effort to extend Instagram's growing influence in the e-commerce market.

It would also allow users to browse and buy products from retailers they follow directly within the IG Shopping app.

Development of the app is still ongoing and it's unclear when or if it will ever launch.

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