Unaccountable: Facebook wants your bank info

There are days when, seeing what’s in the news, it’s necessary to check the calendar to make sure it isn’t April 1.

Donald Trump, in one of those wretched tweets, might tell Iran that his nuclear bombs are bigger than theirs, which, given that Iran doesn’t — yet — have any, must be at least half-true.

A cross Emmanuel Macron tells a teenager that he must be addressed as Mr President, not Manu, his nickname and commonly heard in less congenial quarters of the French capital.

Getting Ireland a seat on the UN Security Council is high on Leo Varadkar’s must-do list, and Gerry Adams is writing a cookbook.

Word emerged this week of Facebook’s attempt to partner with American banks. It wants banks to share detailed financial information about customers — card transactions and account balances — enabling it to offer payment services via Facebook pages.

That is true; it’s not April 1. Facebook thinks it can be trusted with users’ bank account details. In the information security department, it’s as solid as the €7 note.

Michel ColaciComment