'Tinder for teens' app encouraging kids as young as ten to meet up for dates with strangers raises fears children will be groomed by online predators

A dating app targeting kids to meet up with strangers for sexual encounters has sparked concerns for parents fearing their children will be groomed by online predators.

The app Yubo is described as 'Tinder for teens' and targets kids as young as 10.

On the app store, Yubo is described as a 'social app to meet new friends and have fun with them. Friendships is going to the next level! It's like being in a party and meeting cool people every 10 seconds.'

The app which has a 'live' feature has a recommended age for downloading of 12 years and older, and boasts more than 15 million subscribers.

Pictures shared with A Current Affair show profiles of underage teenagers with sexually suggestive profiles and semi-naked images. 

'Teenagers are running rampant on this app and this app is highly sexualised,' child psychologist Jordan Foster told the publication. 

'There are situations where people have been groomed by older adults who just pretending to be young, attractive females.'

Despite the warning, Yubo is one of the top 30 most popular social networking apps in Australia, with more than one million users a month, Nine News reported. 

The ratings on the app reveal that some users are aware of the sexual exploitation available on the app and have slammed it for the lack of action taken to protect the young children using the app.

'People complain about kids sending nudes, yet that's what they do. This app doesn't make it easier,' one user wrote.

'It encourages young people to talk to randoms and potential creeps! Worst of all, the app is used for NUDES! I don't think we want an app that endorses child pornography,' another commented.

'Literally all it's used for is nudes,' another user wrote. 

'Disgusting site! Parents do not allow your children to use this app. Essentially child pornography! What a great site for paedophiles.' 

However, other users expressed annoyance for not being able to share their topless images. 

'I didn't realise there were rules about being topless as a boy and got banned,' one user commented. 

'Apparently it's against the rules to be topless or in underwear, this rule however doesn't apply to girls. Sexist,' another commented.

Parents are urged to be wary of what apps their kids are using. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Yubo for comment.  

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