Someone's impersonating Ronan Keating on social media to scam people out of money

Is it you?

Someone has been impersonating Ronan Keating on social media in an attempt to scam people out of money.

The revelation came after Ronan himself tweeted a warning to fans, urging them to recognise that he was the one and only Ronan.

The Boyzone singer wrote:

"Hey a few people telling me there are impersonators on social media pretending to be me trying to scam people out of money etc.

"It’s not me. My insta and Twitter have official blue ticks."

He also included a thumbs up emoji.

The person is allegedly using Ronan's image and celebrity status to scam people out of money online.

Fans responded to the tweet thanking the Life is a Rollercoaster singer for the warning.

They also wondered why somebody would do such a thing and considered the safety of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

"An absolute menace in these social media times," said one person.

'Why would you even ask for money?" asked another. "Are people this stupid?"

"I have had one pretending to be Tom Hanks," chipped in someone else.

This comes after Ronan confirmed that his upcoming Boyzone album would "be their last."

The four-piece said last year that they were planning a new album and tour to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Boyzone became a thing back in 1993 and have been active on-and-off since then.