Changes coming for privacy settings on social media sites

Social media users can expect to see a number of changes when it comes to privacy setting in the upcoming weeks.

The adjustments are because of the General Data Protection Regulation. The regulations apply to all websites that have people from the European Union visiting them.

Facebook users will see three main changes. People will be able to stop advertising based on personal information, choose if you want to be tagged in photos people upload, and you will be able to delete information. 

It's been a few weeks since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to go answer questions Congress members about a data breach. 

However, before the information was leaked, online websites were already supposed to start adopting the regulation. 

"It gives users control," said Travis Finseth, owner of Nuzu Marketing. "It increases the amount of security on the websites that hold and store your information."

"That is going into effect in the near future. Facebook and Twitter and all your major social media websites including businesses realize they need if they have people from the European Union visiting their site which we don't really control who comes to our websites, you have to follow these rules or you can be open for suit."