Apple iPhone X Won’t Allow Kids Under 13-years to Use Face ID

Apple has been revamping and reiterating its security features with the impending launch of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 smartphones. While many of the terms and policies imposed by the company are in vogue for many years now, they are making it more stringent this time around.

The first and most important of them all is that Apple doesn’t want you to think the iOS phone could be infected by a virus, malware or spyware. The developers behind the devices and the operating system strongly believe that when it is perfectly safe to use the device, there shouldn’t be any virus scanning apps on their app store.

App store doesn’t allow developers to list antimalware and antivirus software programs on the platform since 2015. Further pushing the effort to make users believe theirs is the safest OS of them all, Apple has removed a bunch of such virus scanner programs. Apps like Virus Barrier was removed as early as 2015 and the quest continues.

The company confirmed that Apple iPhone X will not allow kids under 13 years of age to use the Face ID feature. While developers didn’t specify as to what kind of security problem this would cause, they confirmed that kids won’t be able to unlock the phone using their face. Instead an alternative software based method is expected to be rolled out later. This will also prevent kids from making purchases on app store using Face ID technology.

Developers who want to create apps for augmented-reality on iPhone X should make use of the ARKit provided by Apple. It prevents them from creating a simple animation loop or model into AR view. An authentic augmented reality experience is what their apps should provide in order to get approved for the app store.

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