More courses in schools on Internet safety

SHANGHAI is going to expand school Internet safety courses.

The city’s office against pornographic illegal publications said this applies to primary and high schools.

The first such course was given to seventh grade students at Zhongshan School Affiliated to Shanghai Huangpu Institute of Education.

Topics covered teaching students how to protect themselves from scams and what to do if they encounter Internet bullying or come across items that make them feel uncomfortable.

“Teenagers, particularly students aged from 12 to 16, are getting more exposed to the Internet than younger ones, and they are curious about the world,” said Xue Jianhua, deputy director of the office. “However, many of them are not fully prepared on how to protect themselves.”

Xue said the course would be expanded to primary and high schools citywide, though their content and form would vary depending on the schools’ situation and student ages.

The course is part of a national campaign called “protecting young plants 2017.”