Online quizzes may be prompting identity theft

Columbia, S.C. (WACH)-- Online quizzes may seem like a very fun past time, however the information asked on these quizzes could be falling into the hands of an evil online villain.

Most sites are not interested in which housewife or The Walking Dead character you're most like, or which type of zodiac sign would be best for you to marry.

These sites probe questions aimed to obtain certain information that will be sent to third parties.

Some questions will ask about your hometown or current residence, what you buy, where you vacation, where you dine, or the type of car you have.

These quizzes are tailored to third parties to send ads and pop-ups for web-browsers to click on.

As innocent as this may seem, information can be used by people who could be trying to steal your identity.

Simple things that are made public such as your name, date of birth, job, education are just a few things that are easily accessible for scammers to steal your identity.

Your answers to these online questions are the key to opening the door to your private life.