Fed-Up with Politically-Charged Tweets?

Use advanced muting options in Twitter to reduce the noise.  It's pretty straightforward!

Muting words and hashtags applies to your NOTIFICATIONS. You will still see these Tweets in your TIMELINE and via SEARCH. The muted words and hashtags are applied to replies and mentions, including all interactions on those replies and mentions: likes, Retweets, additional replies, and Quote Tweets.

Muting words, phrases, usernames, emojis, and hashtags:

1.    Muting is case-insensitive. For example:  If you add “TRUMP” to your mute list, any mention of “trump” will be muted from your notifications.
2.    You can include punctuation within a word or phrase when muting. Punctuation at the end of a word or phrase is not necessary.
3.    Muting a word will mute both the word itself and its hashtag. For example:  If you mute “brexit”, both “brexit” and “#brexit” will be muted from your notifications.
4.    To mute Tweet notifications that mention a particular account, you must include the @ sign before the name. Doing this will mute Tweet notifications that mention that account, but won’t mute notifications from the account itself. (Muting accounts can be accomplished under Privacy and Safety settings). 
5.    Words, phrases, usernames, emojis, and hashtags up to 140 characters can be muted.
6.    Muting is possible across all Twitter-supported languages.
7.    Muting cannot be set for a particular time period. Words and phrases will remain muted until manually deleted from your settings.
8.    You can view a list of your muted words (and unmute them) in your settings.
9.    Recommendations delivered to you via email or through Twitter will not suggest content that includes your muted words and hashtags.

Login to the twitter.com website to manage your muting.

1.    Click Settings from your profile image drop-down.
2.    Click Notifications.
3.    Click Mute specific words from your Notifications. 
4.    Enter the words or hashtags you’d like to mute.
5.    Click Add.
6.    You will see a Muted button next to each entered word or hashtag.

And if you wish to unmute:

1.    Click Settings from your profile image drop-down.
2.    Click Muted words.
3.    Hover your mouse over the Muted button next to the word or hashtag you’d like to unmute.
4.    The button will change to Unmute.
5.    Click Unmute.

The steps will vary slightly from the iPhone or Android app, but you’ll easily adapt those outlined above.

Mute content for any keyword material you find annoying or offensive and improve your Twitter experience.

Mike PalmerComment