Instagram Update

Instagram continues to add features which build in the functionality of other popular mobile apps.  Recent additional features allow Instagram users to share private photos that “disappear” after the recipient has viewed them, and the service is also starting to make live video streaming available in select markets.

Live video stream is to become part of “Instagram Stories”, a recently-launched Snapchat-like feature that allows the sharing of quick snapshots and short video clips. The live streaming experience itself is very similar to Periscope, or Facebook's own Live streaming feature for that matter (Instagram is owned by Facebook), in that the launch of a live stream automatically triggers a notification to one's followers.

Remember that all information begins as viewable by the public unless you change the settings to private.   Parents, make sure your child or teen is not revealing their location on their photos. You can turn off geo-tagging in the settings under Location Services.

ImmunizeNet’s recently refreshed video offers parents some insights into potential risks to be aware of when considering if Instagram is appropriate and safe for children.    

Mike PalmerComment