All you need to know about Kik


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Kik is a space that parents are unlikely to know about.
— The New York Times

What is Kik?

Described by law enforcement internationally as "a key playground for online predators", Kik is a "be as anonymous as you want" multi-media chat app (chat, photo, video). Fake profiles of adults pretending to be children/teens are prolific and the app has been directly linked to multiple cases of child exploitation and was the app used to groom and lure 13 year old Nicole Lovell to meet with her killer a year ago.

Kik has been the bane of law enforcement officials for the past couple of years.
— The Washington Post


  • Adults posing as kids - lots of them!!!

  • Grooming by online predators and pedophiles

  • Sexting (exchanging of sexually explicit images and/or videos) is prolific

  • Anonymity and no age verification "leaves the door open" for predators


Safety Settings

There are essentially no safety settings. If you do allow your child to use the app, we strongly encourage close supervision and the use of profile pictures that cannot identify the user as a child. The lack of an age-verification tool poses a risk for children and opportunities for predators. 



Kik is available for Apple and Android devices, in both tablet and smartphone format. 


Age Restrictions

There is no age verification process. The app has an age rating of 13+ on the app store. It is very easy to access the app using an incorrect date of birth. 


Our Opinion & Recommendations

We strongly discourage the use of the app for minors for all of the reasons listed above. There are other apps designed for chatting that have decent safety and privacy settings - facebook messenger as an example.